Flu Season

The 2017 flu season is upon us! Don’t forget to get your influenza vaccine. While we are not administering it at our office, it is widely available.

Pregnant women are considered to be at increased risk and should be immunized as soon as possible during pregnancy. If you have questions about the influenza vaccine we would be happy to address them with you. If you do not get immunized and you are in contact with someone with influenza it is important to contact our office to see if your candidate for preventive medication at that time.

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
Because you are pregnant, CDC and your ob-gyn or midwife recommend you get the flu shot to protect yourself and your baby from the flu. You should get vaccinated by the end of October. This timing helps ensure that you are protected before flu activity begins to increase. Getting the flu can cause serious problems when you are pregnant. Even if you are generally healthy, changes in immune, heart, and lung functions during pregnancy make you more likely to get severely ill from the flu. Read more on the CDC website.

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